The fastest site loading speeds for your guests within the USA, Canada or Latin America

Should your resource–demanding multi–media websites will be focused mainly at individuals originating from U.S.A., Canada or Latin America, our US based data center will offer just the right virtual hosting service for you. The Colohouse data center is in downtown Chicago and serves most of the main telecommunications service providers in the USA. It gives you complete redundancy in power and network connectivity and hence it is perfect for hosting your demanding sites and web applications.

Making use of the US VPS Servers option is effortless. All you have to do is choose the setup you desire, picking out from a large collection of VPS solutions on our website after which opt for the US based data center on the order form. Our admins are going to install the server for you at the US based data center totally free and will also be available 24x7 to ensure a 99.9% network uptime. Additionally, they will perform weekly offsite backups of your VPS to make sure your data is kept safe and sound all the time.

Other US Hosting Services

Our company offers much more in our US based data center in addition to Virtual Private Servers. We have got US Shared Hosting packages along with US Semi-dedicated Servers supplying a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. We have US Dedicated Servers, which supply unmatched hosting power and that can accommodate almost any website. All US hosting services are sold with our complimentary Control Panel. It’s built to help make routine hosting actions simple & effortless. In addition, it arrives brimming with loads of totally free and extremely valuable bonuses and tools to help you improve your site.